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About Room 12

We are a Year 4 class. This is the first time that we have used blogspot. We are using our blog to show what tools we use in class to help us with our reading and writing.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jungle Bungle SA

After morning tea on the 10 June, we went to a show called 'Jungle Bungle'. It was performed by Lavinia and Kevin. They were REALLY funny because they had funny costumes and were dancing around. They were good singers. They did a play about Oliver who was starting a new school and it was scary for him beacuse he could never make any friends. Then Clair came along and was nice and walked home with him. He asked if she could stay for a play. Soon they found themselves in a jungle. They read four books called 'Piggty Wiggity Jiggity Jig', 'Snake and Lizard', 'The Word Witch' and 'The Huh, Huh Grub'. My favorite part was when they kept bumping into each other. They also got some kids up on stage twice. I was taking photos with the camera. SA

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