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About Room 12

We are a Year 4 class. This is the first time that we have used blogspot. We are using our blog to show what tools we use in class to help us with our reading and writing.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jungle bungle by LD

On the 10 June at morning tea we had a show to watch. The actors were Lavinia and Kevin they were acting as, Oliver and Clair. We sat on the floor each class had there own photographer and then the actors started there show.
There was a boy called Oliver and he just came to a new school. He had this compass and he needed to go to the office. The compass pointed the wrong way and he found his way to a girl and they accidentally bumped into each other. Then they got up and introduced themselves to each other. Oliver thought that the girl didn't want to be his friend but then, Oliver invited Clair to his house so they went. Then they went into his backyard and they were being adventurous on a safari. But Clair thought about what happened and then she just got an idea. Finally she knew what was happening, it was his imagination then they finally got home.
My favorite part was when Kevin dressed up as old HuHu.

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