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Monday, November 29, 2010

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

This is when the Helicopter arrived at school. It landed on the school field. It was really loud. The junior children got grass, dust and leaves blown all over them.

This is a video of when the chopper was taking off. It blew a lot of dirt and grass . JW went on the chopper ride.

Retell of the chopper ride: it was really cool. We did a really sharp turn around Rangitoto. On the way back to school we went by car.

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Mrs G said...

Hi Room 12
You are right - us juniors on the other side of the field from you almost got blown away by the chopper! We weren't expecting the big gust of wind and quite a few hats went flying! Congratulations JW on being a super fundraiser. I bet you had a great time on the chopper. LG - You did very well to keep the chopper in the video the whole time - nice steady hands!