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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jungle Bungle by NG

After morning tea we went to see a show called Jungle Bungle. The actors were Lavinia (who played the role of Clare) and Kevin (who played Oliver). It was about Oliver starting a new school and everybody said he was weird, and then he found a new friend called Clare.
He asked if she wanted to go to his house and she said "yes" so they went. So they played in
Oliver's backyard. Oliver pretended to have a safari adventure. Then Oliver said that they are lost in the forest, but Clare didn't believe him because she knew they were still in Oliver's backyard! But then she realised that they really were lost in the forest! Claire got really angry and she began to shout bad stuff to Oliver. But when she turned back Oliver dissapeared!
"Where are you Oliver?" Shouted Clare. At the end, Clare found Oliver and she told him she wanted to be his friend, and Oliver was very happy.
My favourite part was when Oliver called people up to join him on his safari journey.

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Do you think it was good or bad?SS